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adding custom social media icon?

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    is it possible to add a custom social media icon?

    I want to have a Telephone icon,

    as a quick hack, i edited the social-media-color_24x24.png file and replaced the Amazon icon with a Telephone.

    Only issue is, when hovering over the icon, it still says Amazon 🙁

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    Jason Bobich


    First, you can filter on new icon for the admin selection from your child theme’s functions.php.

     * Add to admin selection of social media buttons.
    function my_add_buttons( $buttons ) {
    	$buttons['phone'] = 'Phone';
    	return $buttons;
    add_filter('themeblvd_social_media_sources', 'my_add_buttons');

    Then, the icons are just styled background images to the links. The class of the button will match the key you used above, which is “phone” —

    So, in your child theme, place a new icon image (let’s say it’s called phone.png), and then apply it with CSS from your child theme’s style.css.

    .themeblvd-contact-bar li {
    	background: url('phone.png') 0 0 no-repeat;

    When hovering over the icon, it will say the key from above, with the first letter capitalized. (i.e. “phone” to “Phone”).

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