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Adding additional icons not working

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    I followed your instruction for adding my own icons here:

    I uploaded my adobe.png (to indicate pdf documents) to:

    /framework/frontend/assets/images/shortcodes/icons -- also to the box, icons and lists folders (one Adobe image .png to each folder)

    Because there was no “icons” folder here in my ftp, I added an icons folder in the path location you state here:

    /framework/frontend/assets/images/icons/{your-icon-name}.png (in this case the image is named adobe.png)

    That still didn’t work, so then I went to the child-theme and added the framework folder with additional sub-folders in the same hierarchy as is in the parent theme folder, still no luck.

    The icon doesn’t show up in any of the shortcode options using the TB button in the WP editor. I’ve tried the Info Boxes, HTML Elements etc and it doesn’t show up anywhere. Since I’m not going to be the only one administering the site when it’s done and the others who will be don’t know any html/coding/shortcodes I need this to show up in these TB button options in the WP editor so they can select them on their own. Is this possible? If so, how please?

    Thank you,

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    Jason Bobich

    Hey Deb,

    The reason is because there’s a typo in that page; the path where the icon should be going is here:


    Although, there’s really no need to go to all this trouble trying to get it to work with the icon, unless you really have your heard set on the shortcode. All this shortcode does is display the image, which you can just do with basic HTML in the same way. Just upload the image however you want and then insert it like this without the shortcode:

    <img src="" class="alignleft" />


    Hi Jason,

    Thanks, I can get the icon to display now. However, the reason I was asking if there’s a way to get my icons added to the TB button in the editor under lists, boxes etc is that there will be others administering the site and it’s my job to make it as simple as possible for them to use. For example I want to use the adobe.png in some lists. If the adobe.png was able to be made available in the TB button selector they could then use that. You and I know how to use shortcodes but they don’t and having to do some images differently than others will only confuse the heck out of them.


    Jason Bobich

    If you want to add the custom icon to the list in the shortcode generator, you can find it here within the theme:


    I’m not sure how you could edit this from a Child theme.


    Hi Jason ..

    I tried you suggestion to Deb .. by inserting the html code instead of the short code .. and although the image appears ..

    the padding is gone and the text has moved down a little – any thoughts?



    Jason Bobich

    @bdm55 — The above HTML markup provided is a copy of what the theme’s shortcode outputs; so it should look identical. Are you sure you’re using the class alignleft or alignright properly? Do you have a link to the issue?

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