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3D Carrousel features

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    Is there a way to bypass the fact that the 3D carousel uses the responsive 3-column size presets? We have the TB sizes & ReGen plugins etc, but that effects site-wide assets and styling just the slider with soft-cropped assets looks like *fail*. Applying our lazy desires to this problem, is there a way to either A) use custom html slides like in the regular slider, B) create a custom image size that the 3D slider calls or C) set the viewable image size in the slider’s .js somewhere? Thanks.

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    Jason Bobich

    You can find where this image size is designated within the “themeblvd_carrousel_slider_default” function located within /framework/frontend/functions/sliders.php — Just search for the places in there it says “grid_4” which is the name of the image size being used.

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