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Reply To: "Your Logo" = Retina?

Jason Bobich

My test site ( displays properly on desktop devices and on iPad 2, but on an iPad 3 and an iPod 4 the top “logo” (really just a graphic device) is being pulled from the theme’s assets folder (logo_2x.png) instead of the child’s assets folder. How can I force the “logo” to be pulled from the child theme instead, and do I simply call it the original image’s name but append “_2x”?

Nothing weird here, I don’t think. It sounds like you’re just overlooking the second part of your logo option and misunderstanding how it works.

If you go to your Theme Options page, and look at the logo option, you’ll see that by default, that “_2x” image you’re referencing is what’s currently in your option for your retina logo. So you need to either delete it so it’s blank or put in your own retina image URL. See the note at the bottom of the area where you configure that option:

Feel free to leave the retina image field blank if you’d like it to simply not have any effect.

But it sounds like you’re just wanting the logo option to be totally hidden all together and anything above the nav bar? It would probably make the most sense to just unhook it so none of the surrounding HTML markup is there.

remove_action( 'themeblvd_header_content', 'themeblvd_header_content_default' );

My real logo is contained within a 2-column row beneath the the navbar. Looks fine except when I view on an iPod device; then the image is left-aligned. I assume that I need to text-align: center and kill any right margin but not sure which rule to hang this on.

Just take your logo that you have there and do something like this: