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Reply To: WPML issues with custom homepage layouts


Dear Jason, this is Piet using Torkels login details as he mentioned above. I am helping him to get WPML to work correct on his website. Nice to meet you.

The problems I have so far discovered are the following:
1a. the custom layouts per language seem to work well, BUT when choosing the Post List element then the Categories of English (default language) show up for both German and Swedish (the secondary languages).
I have made a screenshot available at:

1b. when using the WPML backend language switcher to change the language to for example German, then the same happens as above, but for all languages, so the in English it is impossible to choose the correct English category.

2. the WPML frontend language switcher does not point to the correct content of the other languages. For example when I am on a Page, the WPML language switcher points to a category.

I have been working with WPML since its inception and I have never come across this behaviour.

Is there anything else you need from me?