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Reply To: Where are the developer docs

Jason Bobich

@howardwater & @steveforan

Guys, all of the information on how to use slideshows and snippets you can use in your content slides, as referenced in the video, can be found in the user documentation that came with your download package from ThemeForest.

So, where to find the documentation?

From ThemeForest, you downloaded a ZIP package that contained several items including the file, which was the theme. Also in there is a folder called “documentation” and in that folder a file called “index.html” — Open this file in your web browser (i.e. Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, etc). This is your documentation.



steveforan, I have found the documentation for the slide show on line @ however I can not find the same code he use in the tutorial for Complexity.

This documentation you’re referencing doesn’t have anything to do with Complexity. Everything at only applies to WordPress themes that contain Theme Blvd framework v2+. Here is a list of these themes: