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Reply To: Unnessary Vendor prefixes

Jason Bobich


Thanks for the feedback.

I suppose you’re right about the -ms properties. They could probably be removed in the future but for no other reason than they don’t “need” to be there. It’s not as if there is any harm in having them in there, especially now while IE10 is still going through changes. I think this should definitely wait until after IE10 is actually stable, released, and being used by everyone. It’s only recently that Microsoft made this decision with IE10 and the -ms properties, right?

And what reason would you have to remove -moz pre-fixed CSS properties other than they aren’t needed any more in modern Firefox browsers? You want to have a few lines less of CSS? You want to pass the CSS3 validator and get the little stamp of approval? Or you just don’t like looking at them? — So, I honestly don’t see the logic in having a theme such as this setup to be backwards-compatible already and then stripping that out for no real practical reason.