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Reply To: Tip: simulate post grid (for specific pages)


I’ve modified your function (placed in the child theme functions.php) to allow passing a list of page or post ID’s in the query string of the post_grid shortcode. See example in comment:

 * Custom query for post lists/post grids
 * Example shortcode to use: [post_grid query="show_ids=31,43" columns="2"]
function my_custom_posts_query( $query, $args ){
	$lc1 = strstr($query, "show_ids=");
	if($lc1 != false) {
		$lc1 = strtok($lc1, "=");	
		$lc1 = strtok("&");	
		if($lc1 != false) {
			$query = array( 
				'post_type' => 'page', 
				'post__in' => explode(",", $lc1)
	return $query;
add_filter( 'themeblvd_posts_args', 'my_custom_posts_query', 10, 2 );