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Reply To: Tip: simulate post grid (for specific pages)

Jason Bobich

is there an option in the post grid shortcode to “not” show the text excerpt (just the title, feature image and button)?

I’m afraid not. — This is because the post grids are a core part of the framework and the “design” of the post grid can be different in every theme. It’s setup with the file content-grid.php and every theme could theoretically contain different markup in this file.

So, for example, if the [post_grid] shortcode had some sort of option to hide the excerpt, it means I’d have to make sure every theme I made had an excerpt in the design of the post grid. An example of a theme where this wouldn’t work would be Swagger. I try not go overboard on these options so every theme doesn’t end up looking identical.

You could target your post grid by copying content-grid.php to your Child theme and then using some sort of conditional tags to show or hide different elements similarly with how you’ll see I did with the global theme options currently in the file.