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Reply To: Tip: simulate post grid (for specific pages)


Both of those are awesome word-arounds!! Thank you J!
I was so close to the first one you provided. But I didn’t think of the the post_parent paramenter and using child pages. I looked into a plugin that allows exposing the “category” for pages in the admin, and then using the cat parameter. But I decided not to go that route, since it sounds a little risky messing with pages in the admin like that.

I like your second example a lot too. Thanks for taking the time to show me that option. That allows building the array of page_id’s which as you said, can’t be done in the basic query string.

Maybe you could give some thought to how you might be able to incorporate your 2nd suggestion in your themes and provide a new shortcode that would work with that function. Again, in your spare time of course 🙂

Theme Blvd ROCKS!