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Reply To: Tabs Error on iPhone


Found the problem. Had my private coder research the issue. Just so you know the problem was caused by the Nextgen Photoswipe plugin made by Guillermo Senas. I have reported the issue to him along with the fix. All is working well once again with the theme.

Thank you!! You may now close this thread.

For those who may experience the same issue, here is the fix as stated by my coder:

The following error occurs when browsing any page that does not have a gallery set up on a mobile device:

Uncaught Code.PhotoSwipe.createInstance: No images to passed.

The fix is to only call the photoSwipe() function if there is a gallery on the page. In ngg-photoswipe.js, we simply return if there are no thumbnail images before the main call to photoSwipe():

//Ready for photoSwipe!
if (jQuery(‘.ngg-gallery-thumbnail a’).length == 0)
jQuery(“.ngg-gallery-thumbnail a”).photoSwipe({