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Reply To: Tabs Error on iPhone

Jason Bobich

Aw, I understand what you mean. Unfortunately that just has to do with your server, your site, how you’re connected to the Internet, and the load time everything happening.

This is just how jQuery works. Everything can’t get applied until the DOM is completely loaded. So looking at the tabs specifically, until your site is entirely loaded, you can’t really expect the tabs to be fully functional yet. In other words, it’s all part of the page loading.

Is it possible you have some extra plugins or anything you’re using for mobile that require extra javascript or extra load time? Or maybe you’re just using too many plugins in general for a solid mobile experience matched with the speed of your cellular internet service?

It’s hard to say, as there could be many factors at play. But I can tell you that when I look at your site on my iPhone (granted I’m connected to wifi and so are you in the screenshots) your site loads fine and everything works right away for me. So, I think what you’re seeing is maybe just a slow load time on your phone?

If you have a link to that consolidated set of tabs that’s in your recent screenshot, I can show you how it looks on my iPhone.