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Reply To: Subscript

Jason Bobich

In this case with the way you have it, there’s no CSS you could change to adjust this because it’s just the rendering of the font. If you make the font bigger, the subscript character is just going to remain proportional to the font size. So, when your font is huge, the subscript character will still be whatever percentage of the line height.

In design those small characters are called subscript or superscripts, are they named something else in the development world?

When you say subscript without any other context, I think of the HTML tags that one would use to denote these characters which is — When I first looked at the page I didn’t see these because they are so small and unreadable. So I searched your source code for the sub tags and didn’t find any.

Often people will utilize this tag something like this:

Some Title®

And then you could style it like this:

h3 sub { ... }

But here I think it comes back to something funky with that font. In my inspector I added sub tags to it and enlarged the font, and this is how it renders: