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Reply To: Sortable table


Yeah it is TablePress for now though WP-Table Reloaded still gets update. Tons of users.

I dont quite understand the rush as TablePress can import from Reloaded and is still in beta stage. But he know better. They look similar but under the hood there are big changes. I think dev hate the old and love the new so are specific in pimping TablePress. Crazy plugin Does add an “Edit” button on each table on front-end which link you directly to its own editor, but I doubt there are options in WPs own.

I actually use it to avoid editing tables in editor! so I dont know who is the idiot. Anything but text and images I prefer to handle else where but I can see it must feel wrong to install plugin just for 1 table but since it load in a clever way and has sorting build in it is not really that much overkill.

Just note you linked to 2 different table plugins, both support Bootstrap. is what TablePress use, at the bottom he link to pre-made JS and CSS file but some steps to make. The other one is First one look easier. If you mix them up TablePress will definitely be easier 🙂

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