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Reply To: Shortcode: Post Grid showing link despite "false" setting

Jason Bobich

1. However the link is both showing and active….?

This is because you’re misunderstanding what the “link” parameter is doing. It’s hiding the link that would show after your grid of posts that would lead to whatever page you choose.

For example, you might have a post grid, and then after you want a link that says “View Full Portfolio” or something. So, that is what you’re currently hiding.

I do understand the confusion in the wording of the framework’s option in relation to coincidently this theme’s post grid design placing the linked titles after. — “Select whether to show a link after your posts or not.”

However, keep in mind that the framework shortcodes for displaying posts will not generally have options that specifically switch items in each post on or off because each theme could potentially have a different post grid design. Any options built into the theme for how posts in a post grid display in general can be found at Appearance > Theme Options > Content.

But why not just use a gallery? If you’re going to have a 4 images that open in a lightbox and don’t link to a full posts at all, why have a post grid at all?

The Pretty Photo shows 8 images, looping thru the 4 images twice. This happens in both scenarios, the external page shortcode and the mini post grid widget. There are only 4 posts in the category…?

This is because prettyPhoto is taking all images currently on the page with the gallery parameter. So if you look at your homepage as a whole, you have 9 images on the page linking to the prettyPhoto gallery, and some are duplicates.

Is there any tutorial or info on using the shortcode?

This is from your documentation that came with your theme:

How can I get the thumbnail to
1. be square (similar to small in Widget Mini Post Grid)
2. show the image thumbnail as seen in Media Thumbnail

Just use WordPress’s gallery shortcode if that’s all you’re doing. Why use a post grid at all —

3. only show category ‘trolley fittings’ in the Pretty Photo loop

If you use the gallery shortcode, this will be done automatically for you. A unique ID will be used for prettyPhoto and that grouping of images. It’s different when you’re doing a post grid because there’s no unique ID to use; they’re just images being inserted on the page.

4. show text content in the Pretty Photo enlargement (tried adding a to post html, did not show)

If you’re using the gallery shortcode, I believe this will pull the title from each attachment automatically. You setup the title of each attachment in WordPress’s media uploader.