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Reply To: replacing prettyphoto, other scripts…


My paranoia about unnecessary mobile craziness got a snack 🙂

Bootstrap 3 will be mobile-first when released.

What that means beside being hipster modern I dont know. Paranoia dont need to know, heh. Or I cant know because “there is no mobile first or last – everything should work and not bend over to other devices!” is all I can understand.

But first they release version 2.3. Glad I dont have to care that much about theme updates! May be some of the older themes will be better off with 2.3? Questions…


More interesting I think I managed to kick SuperFish out. At least for a regular navbar. First remove load then in own themeblvd.js

// Activate Superfish
//	$('ul.sf-menu').superfish().addClass('sf-menu-with-fontawesome'); 
	$('ul.sf-menu').addClass('sf-menu-with-fontawesome'); // NEW, still want class
	$('ul.sf-menu li.sub a:first-child').append(''); // NEW, still want icons!

For Fontawesome purposes there is no need to remove everything starting with “sf”. Will complicate things. More is better 🙂

As a million other scripts SuperFish is not 100% compatible with latest jQuery 1.9 btw. so another reason to say good bye. Just the .browser detection thing and migrate script fix this but technically it is not great to rely on deprecated functions. Not just deprecated actually, removed!