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Reply To: replacing prettyphoto, other scripts…


Yes but there are different views. Some might see BS as a “app”/mobile thing. Who are they targeting? BS surves many purposes. They say “web development” on front page but that does not exclude mobile “app” buidling.

How to do proper navigation I also think is question no. 1 on all platforms. Most seem to suck in one way or another. May be they should improve or expand on drop down idea instead of nuking. Like or what ever. Old school drop downs might not be hot but they are effective. Adv. menu like Ubermenu is related for a reason. Megamenu might be an idea for BS!

We dont have to care that much when BS is just one layer and BS is bigger than whims of devs. Ton of non-app or pure website dev. interest as well so limits to how much they can stray even if they should have focus on apps.

But look at button menus so cute!!! In WP world where we think fat navbars and custom menus such featuers are nifty to have. Pretty sure these things will be gone as well. Depend on drop down script.

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