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Reply To: Post Lists/Grids and Translation

Jason Bobich


So have you done this in your footer by using the mini post list widget in a floating widget area?

This widget just uses WordPress’s get_posts to grab the posts, so I don’t think this will adhere to WPML’s current query of the posts based on the current language. But honestly I do not know the answer to that for sure. You may want to ask them.

The good news here (I think anyway) is that our theme’s widget allows you to put in a custom query string to feed through to the posts. And WPML provides a good tutorial to show how you can display different widgets based on the current language. — So possibly you could have an instance of the Mini Post List widget for each language?

But what to put in the custom query to pull posts from a specific language only for WPML? — I don’t know the answer to that, unfortunately. That’s something you may want to ask the WPML support staff.