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Reply To: One page website

Jason Bobich


There isn’t really anything specifically for Jump Start that would really be applicable. This would just sort of be a general approach you’d have to decide on. I’d imagine there’d be tons of theoretical ways you could accomplish this from your Child theme though.

For example, from your Child theme, you could create a custom page template, and in that template just have some query of retrieving pages and looping through them like you would blog posts, or whatever.

Then, for each page when displaying its content in the loop, you could also wrap it in some sort of DIV or other elmenet that you then give it a unique ID based the page’s slug or whatever. Then, you’ll have:

Page 1...
Page 2...
Page 3...
Page 4...

And in your WP menu builder, you’d just setup custom links where you link to #page-1, #page-2, etc.