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Reply To: New Widget Area


If in a hurry and cant wait just copy and paste from docs I did a “header-right” yesterday, works. Need some naming scheme that make sense to you plus lookup of hooks but real easy. Also a bit of difference between collapsible and static or what the opposite of collapsible is 🙂

/* */
themeblvd_add_sidebar_location( 'header_widget', 'Header Right', 'collapsible', 'Widget for header' );
add_action( 'themeblvd_header_addon', 'display_header_widget' );
function display_header_widget() {
	echo '';
	themeblvd_display_sidebar( 'header_widget' );
	echo '';

I should change mine as I actually put 2 widgets in there where 1 is at the far left, 1left-logo/title-1right setup but then again hook seems to be at the right. Can make you think, heh. If you add a bunch it is nice names make sense.

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