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Reply To: New Widget Area

Jason Bobich

Hello guys,

@karlo — That is perfect. Thanks for posting.

@Martin —

So, in general, it’s a good idea to start familiarizing yourself with the hook system itself. So, your first question is basically “How do I put something in the right side of the header?”

And the answer would be to hook your custom content to “themeblvd_header_addon” and then position it with CSS. You can quickly see that by checking out the actions map:

The next question is essentially, “How do I create and display a widget area?” If you’re just trying to do this in WordPress in general, it’s very easy. Register it from your Child theme’s functions.php and display it within whatever function you’re hooking into the header.

Now if you want to get fancy and use some of the framework’s unique things as @karlo pointed out, you can register a “sidebar location.” Basically this means that now if you wanted you could use the Widget Area manager to then create custom widget areas that could then be swapped into that header location depending on different pages and what not.

The full breakdown on that is here: