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Reply To: Menu Problems


Jason: I can’t find that option anywhere.

I know it was there the first time I used the theme, as I did install the menu on the top bar the first time around. But now I can’t see where the option you are showing above is located. I have clicked on every page of the theme options several times and can’t see where the image you show is located. (Styles, Layout, Content, Configuration)

I posted an image of what I’m seeing on my ‘Appearances/Menu’ screen at:

mobizip . ca / pix / menu . jpg

There’s a bigger image at the same url with menu1 . jpg (I’m not sure how the html works in here, so I hope this makes sense as posted.

There is nothing else on that screen when I scroll up or down.

Note: I’m using this url as a practice site for the actual site I am going to put up once I get things working and looking the way I want.