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Reply To: MegaMenu

Jason Bobich

I would imagine you could incorporate just about anything, but I’ve honestly never worked with it to tell you how you’d do that.

I have glanced at their documentation before though. Have you checked out much of it? You may want to create your own function to hook in for the menu, opposed to using Jump Start’s default one. This way, you can get UberMenu’s desired markup around the WordPress nav menu. — This would solve the issues you were saying about how you didn’t like it being wrapped in the nav#access element.

So, here where it’s showing you what you could do in a typical header.php of a theme, you’d incorporate that into some function that you’d hook to “themeblvd_header_addon” —

Note: When calling wp_nav_menu form your custom function, the Jump Start theme location ID used is called “primary”.

function my_header_addon(){
add_action( 'themeblvd_header_addon', 'my_header_addon' );