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Reply To: Layout Tab content not showing with corresponding link

Jason Bobich


Ok I had to read your question a few times over, but I think I now understand what you are trying to do, but unfortunately what you’re doing simply will not work.

First off when you are setting up the tabs element and select to show content from an external page, all it’s doing is exactly that. — It’s pulling whatever content is in the page and showing it in the tab. Nothing else on the page has any relevance here (i.e. its page options, its sidebar layout, its page template, etc). The only piece of relevant information that’s getting used is what’s in the content of that page.

The point of this feature is to give users that are not comfortable with putting HTML code in the “Raw Content” option the ability to use the WYSIWYG of editing a page in order to construct that content instead.

And so then keeping that in mind, you could now see that how there on your homepage where you’re linking to those pages that wouldn’t quite make sense. There is no way in the theme to have a set of tabs setup on a page and then hot link to specific tabs inside there from outside of that page. When a page loads, the first tab will always be displayed in a set of tabs, no matter what.

For what I think you’re trying to accomplish, I think it would make more sense to not have that second layout with a tabs element at all. Create your four pages. And then across all four pages have some sort of menu that links to others. I think you’re getting mixed between that and setting up some tabs.

When you setup tabs of a custom layout, the result is ONE page on your website of content, no matter where WordPress had to go to retrieve that data.