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Reply To: Jumpstart Presale related with Akita

Jason Bobich

When you say framework, after I install jumpstart I will have slider, layout builder, shorcodes ready to use in my WP right?

Yes, this is correct. Imagine Akita, but with a simple design to start from and without the Styles tab on your Theme Options page.

If I purchase jumpstart, the support will cover how to modify the included child theme?

As always, I can point you in the right direction, but I’m not going to actually code your customizations for you.

After installing jumpstart, will my WP will look like this already out of the box?

Yes, this is correct.

With regards to my Akita Problem, let me give you a scenario. Let say I want to create a page with sidebar but I want that sidebar to have completely different sets of widgets. My first impulse is to create a full with page from the builder, put 2/3 – 1/3 column on it. and put custom sidebar on 1/3 column. My problem is that this approach does not look as neat like the normal sidebar layout.

Yes, exactly, so you’d do what I said previously. — Within your custom layout just select the “Sidebar Right” sidebar layout, and then from Appearance > Widget Areas you can apply whatever custom widget area you want to the sidebar of the page you applied the layout to.

The result will be a custom layout applied to a page and then a custom widget area applied to the actual sidebar location of that page. I think you’re confused because you want to do everything within the layout builder, but you can’t. Make sense?