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Reply To: Jump Start Child Theme Menu Colors

Herb Trevathan

Nice : )

Yeah mainly I like the styling you have done and see no reason to re invent the wheel. So I thought since there were enough color options in your presets for the menu, even just using the classic style…it would meet the needs of most projects.

The rest of the CSS is business as usual. The plus really is, at least for me, menus have always been difficult and your stuff already has the responsive issues handled so it seemed like a no brainer to just use your code with your code and stick with what works : )

Is it possible to put a set of “CSS Pasters” here for everyone to apply basic classic style colors which are common? Then maybe we could just go in and highlight the menu CSS section and replace it to achieve one color.

That is really what I am trying to do, since say for example, a lawn care client will only need green menus and never change the color. My clients would have me do the design anyway and maybe…maybe hahaha handle light data entry.

So I guess my original question was never meant to imply that I wanted to add admin options for colors…just one color ala carte’ on a per project basis.