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Reply To: Is Akita Theme WP 3.5 ready?

Jason Bobich

With the release of WP 3.5 I would like to hear if Akita 1.1.5 is WP 3.5 ready.

Yup, you should be good to go. I’ve been working with WP 3.5 for a couple months now, and following along with everything.

No changes to WP 3.5 really effect this theme. There are some little stylistic improvements that can be made to the Theme Options page to go with WP 3.5 admin style updates, but they’re so minor I’m holding them off until the next big update to the theme.

Live demo is currently running WP 3.5 —

Any release date for the Akita 1.2 upgrade?

I’ve actually been working on it today and am pretty close to finishing it, but I’m still not sure how I want to release everything. I think I need to make some improvements to documentation and what not online and maybe update a couple of other themes also before releasing. I haven’t decided how I want to handle everything because there’s going to be some confusion for people in updating to Akita 1.2 (and all Theme Blvd themes updating to framework v2.2).