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Reply To: How to add a different logo for tablet and mobile devices?

Jason Bobich


I apologize, but there is no feature in the theme to do this. This is a customization you’d need to make.

The theme uses an inline image for the logo, opposed to showing one with CSS, and so doing anything with your own @media query will not be simple because we’re not talking about changing background image applied with CSS. In other words, you’d need another inline image there with the logo that you could show/hide along with the main one.

One option might be to have two logos wrapped with the responsive utility classes available. — — This would involve creating your own logo function.

You can find the current one here in the theme: /framework/frontend/functions/display.php

This function is called themeblvd_header_logo_default and is currently hooked to “themeblvd_header_logo” if you wanted to hook in your own function opposed to editing with the method above.