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Reply To: Help Uploading Akita to Other Domain


Do I have to use my WordPress admin panel to upload?
No, it doesn’t matter. The theme folder just needs to be in your /wp-content/themes directory of your WordPress installation. Whether you upload it there with your FTP program or you let WordPress do it, it makes no difference.

Ok, that’s confirmed.

I’ve followed the instructions on your videos to the letter nad have successfully uploaded the theme to the subdirectory wp/wp-content/themes where the unzipped contents are resting. So how do I access the cms to modify and upload my own assets.
Once the theme folder is in your WordPress themes directory, then you need to activate it. Go back to your WordPress admin panel, and go to Appearance > Themes, find the theme, and click “Activate”.
When I go back to my manage my blog entry on the WordPress site, Akita is not available to me to activate. I’ve done a search for it and comes up with 0 results for for Akira and Theme Boulevard. How do I find it to activate it?

Then to start customizing it, go to Appearance > Theme Options — This page will only appear in your WordPress admin panel AFTER you’ve activated the theme.