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Reply To: Help Uploading Akita to Other Domain


I appreciate that you’re going out of your way to help me here but I have no idea what the problem is and it seems to get more obscure and confusing as I proceed. I still don’t have any access to anything that permits me to administer the site. At no point during installation was I given a choice between a multisite network or a single installation; I just procceded as per instruction. Now I’m even more confused. Is your theme now activated? Because I still can’t find it within my WordPress admin; it’s simply not listed as an available theme to activate. The link to
is no longer recognizing my log in details; I’ve since reset my password to INFERN000 and it’s still not recognizing it.

I need to know the status of the upload. Is it active on my ISP server or not? If so, where do I administer it from WordPress or If WordPress, how do I activate Akita when it doesn’t come up on the theme search?