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Reply To: Getting Rid of Meta Data

Jason Bobich


Make sure to checkout the screenshots for the Theme Options for every theme before purchasing as I place them at top of Item Details page on every product. No theme has identical options as another.

The theme has no feature for this and so this will be a customization you’ll need to make. The reason is because this theme supports post formats for a more modern blog feel. So, every post format can have a slightly varied design.

Content for each post, whether it’s a single post, an archive post or a single post, all come from files based on the post format. They’re all named like content-{post_format}.php. So, to customize any of these files and how they display, simply copy them to your Child theme and make your customizations. Similarly as I showed you here, just delete the blog meta function if that’s what you want to do.

Note: If you’re just working with standard post formats, then the content.php is the file you want to edit.