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Reply To: Disconnecting post-list thumbnail and featured image sizes?

Jason Bobich

Hello Frankie,

This would only be possible through customization of your Child theme. You’d need to (1) create your own image size and (2) incorporate that new size into the posts of archives.

1. From your Child theme’s functions.php, you’d register your own image size.

Note: WordPress only crops images at the time you upload them. So you’ll need to either re-upload images or run the Regenerate thumbnails plugin —

2. Then, you’d copy content-archive.php to your Child theme’s directory and find this:

<?php themeblvd_the_post_thumbnail( $location ); ?>

And just add your image id you registered as the 2nd parameter of the function.

<?php themeblvd_the_post_thumbnail( $location, 'your_image_size' ); ?>