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Reply To: Css code for buttons

Jason Bobich

Nowhere does it say: “put this code in your custom css”.

Apologies, I thought we had established where custom CSS goes at this point in the conversation. I didn’t mean to confuse you further. So cheer up. You got it figured it out!

And yes, you pissed me off.

lol and yeah, I got that much. It happens. But as a peace offering how about I help you get that form looking structurally a little more like I think you’re intending it to look:

.entry-content td {
	border: none;
	vertical-align: middle;

(That goes in your Custom CSS, whether it’s your Custom CSS option on your Theme Options page or your custom.css of your Child theme)

Now, an alternate approach that might things looking a little nicer overall and simplified is to ignore what I gave you above, and ditch using the old-school table there.

I’m not sure how much of the code is coming from your 3rd-party vendor, but that section can probably be improved by using column shortcodes to achieve a similar look.

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