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Reply To: background added + custom css

Jason Bobich

I think the reason is because the theme’s logo is still trying to show, but you’ve just elected not to put an image there. So, different web browsers display a broken images differently.

The quickest thing would probably be just to hide it along with your other CSS.

#branding .header_logo { display: none; }

An alternative to that would be to just unhook it form your Child theme’s functions.php:

remove_action( 'themeblvd_header_logo', 'themeblvd_header_logo_default' );

And then opposed to putting top margin on the main menu, you may have more consistant results by just removing the padding from the header’s content and giving it some sort of fixed height.

#branding #header_content .container { padding: 0; height: 140px; }