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Reply To: Alyeska sample ddata import fails

Jason Bobich

Hello Mike,

I apologize, but I do not provide support through my personal email account. And I honestly couldn’t really begin to tell you why you can’t import the sample data on your dev environment. This is just a standard WordPress export file from the live demo. There’s nothing unique about it other than maybe it is fairly larger than normal.

I’d say from your screenshots, it’s pretty apparent what’s happening just from reading the message. The file is taking longer than the 60 seconds your server, I guess, is apparently setup to process any kind of execution.

But these are things you’re going to have to assess with your hosting environment. I’m not really sure how to give you anything different than just going to Tools > Export on the live demo and generating the XML file, which is what I’ve done.

But do you honestly really need to import all of the sample data? Is it worth all of this hassle to you? —

To be honest, I only started including the sample data because so many people wanted it. I personally think it’s not a good approach to take to try and learn how the theme works. Even if you do get it setup like my demo site, you’re going to have so many custom layouts and pages, it’s going to be overwhelming.

My suggestion is just to wipe everything and forget about the sample data. Start with a fresh WordPress setup and install the theme.

Now, go to the Item Details page for this product and look under where it says “Homepage Setup” — Follow those steps in creating a homepage even if you don’t care about setting up a homepage like the demo. Use it as an exercise. For each of those steps, if you can’t figure out something, open up your theme’s documentation, look at the table of contents, and skip to the corresponding video tutorials. After you’ve gone through those few steps, it will be like you’ve finished a tour of the theme, and you’ll know so much about the theme and how its main parts work.