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Reply To: Alyeska – PrettyPhoto and Galleries


Thanks for the detailed response in such a short time. Still enjoying your theme.

The “Title” I like to leave as the original uploaded image name. I have 10’s of thousands of photos in my photography software library and by keeping these the same, allows me to quickly find it again there. I had the same issue with a previous theme (that also used PrettyPhoto) and there was a workaround for it that I’ll have to see if I can dig up. I remember it involved adding another attribute in the HTML for each photo.

In any case, it would be amazing if I could use either WordPress’ “caption” or “description” field to provide a picture’s caption, which would then be displayed in the PrettyPhoto pop-up, allowing the photo title to be arbitrary. WIthout this integration, it forces people to rename the title of every single picture they upload (not to mention, losing the reference back to their photos in their personal software libraries). Yes, I know… I could put a “caption” in the “Title” field and then put the image name in the description field as one work around, but I’m trying hard not to. 😉

Thanks for listening. Maybe consider it an enhancement for a future release, if it is possible(?). That reminds me… I’m 3 or 4 Alyeska releases behind. I guess I need to get up to date.