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Reply To: Akita Responsive – Make it Better!

Jason Bobich


Thanks for you feedback. Akita and all of my themes will be continued to be kept up-to-date and will receive the latest version of my framework. I’m not sure why you’d think they wouldn’t or that I’ve stopped maintaining them.

But unfortunately I very much disagree with you on a lot of these other points. Maybe you’re right by doing some of these things I could make more sales, but I have certain standards and principles with my themes that I stick to. Packing all of these extra things into a theme is not how I believe a theme should be constructed.

Honestly I have a lot of things on the horizon, but real-estate themes are not something I’m looking to get into, and I definitely wouldn’t take an existing theme like Akita and then modify it to fit a certain niche like real-estate, if that makes sense.