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Reply To: Adding a Widget to Header Right


I was using Alyska when we first started – mostly because I wasn’t sure I could handle Jumpstart – but ran into a few challenges with 2.15 and thought I would give JumpStart a try – since you were making trying .php easier. I thought that since the dev docs were the same it wouldn’t make a difference and didn’t want to complicate things – so sure we can moved to JumpStart at this point.

This is where we started:

This is my actual site:

The test sites change a lot – so didn’t want to confuse you – I’m struggling with getting the Types and Views plugin to work properly and have had to restore from backup a few times and ended up wiping out the changes on the Alyska site because of that but since I had copied the changes to the new JS testssite kept going from there.

The Alyska theme has been lovely to work with but I did find that customizing was easier from Jumpstart and would encourage anyone else who is thinking of customizing a fair bit to make the switch. Jumpstart has many of the familiar features and benefits of Alyska and then adds in more all within a framework that is set up to easily allow you to make it your own.