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Reply To: Adding a sign up form to main page slider

Jason Bobich

lol… No, when you switch themes, you will not lose any content. Be brave. Try it out. You can always just activate the Parent theme again afterwards and put things back the way it was if something doesn’t work out.

When you switch themes (i.e. activate the Child theme), this is what you will run into:

  • You lose your theme options. Again, this ONLY means the options setup at Appearance > Theme Options.
  • You will need to go to Appearance > Menus, and re-assign your main menu to the “Primary Navigation” location. You will not lose your menu, you just need to assign it again.
  • *Sometimes* WordPress messes up the widgets when you switch themes. So just go to Appearance > Widgets and just make sure all widgets are still in the correct widget areas.

You will not lose any sliders. You will not lose any custom layouts. You will not lose any posts. You will not lose any pages.