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Reply To: Adding a post grid to a single column

Jason Bobich


I’ve set up a page template with 2 columns 70% for content 30% for a thumbnail grid 2 wide x 9 deep. I’m trying to figure out the best way of creating this thumbnail grid. Can I do a post grid with a shortcode? What I need to end up with is static thumbnails of wood samples and the name of each wood underneath. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Yes, there is a shortcode you can use for displaying post grids. Here is the documentation for it:

And here is a video on this:

Additionally, you can use WordPress’s [gallery]. This would be quicker to do if you’re simply wanting to display images. Here’s how to create a gallery in WordPress:

Note: Specifically for this theme’s Builder, you can use the [gallery] shortcode there, and it’s going to automatically pull all the images attached to the page that you attach the layout to.

Is there a way to replace page urls with names instead of code, e.g. instead of

In WordPress, these are called permalinks. This functionality doesn’t have anything to do with your theme. You set this up from Settings > Permalinks in your WordPress admin panel.

I can’t seem to figure out how to make “portfolio” level not a link.

This is not possible by default in WordPress, but I’ve included an extra feature in the theme that will allow you to do this. Checkout this video:


If you haven’t had a chance, you should check out the documentation that came within your theme package that you downloaded from ThemeForest. You will find tons of videos tutorials all laid out for you, including what I’ve linked to here.